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1lb Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

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$ 24.95


Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder: The only one true real cinnamon in the world

Stop wasting time and money on store bought, cassia cinnamon. Over 90% of store bought cinnamon in the United States is not actually cinnamon. Cassia is known to have high levels of coumarin which can be toxic to your liver, unlike true cinnamon which has low levels of coumarin. There are many health benefits of adding cinnamon to your daily regimen, so Whether you're using this for weight loss, therapy, or overall health, you'll get the results you've been waiting for without worrying about damaging your liver. Our Organic Ceylon Cinnamon is certified organic by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Tired of the Lack of Flavor and Gritty, Sand Like Taste Of Some Ceylon Cinnamon?

Does adding a flavorless, gritty, sand like , tree bark tasting cinnamon sound appealing to you? Probably not but unfortunately most of the ceylon cinnamon out there tastes like this. Our unbeatable quality and value is the highest grade of organic true cinnamon in the world. Unfortunately some people's first experience with ceylon cinnamon hasn't been very good as many brands out there carry low grade true cinnamon, making people stick to cassia. Once you taste what top grade ceylon cinnamon tastes like, you will never go back to another brand or cassia again.

Put Your Mind At Ease

We have been blessed to have so many wonderful customers who left us there many experiences with our Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder. Read through them and see for yourself before you make up your mind before you order.
Experience the ORGANIC WISE Organic Ceylon Cinnamon for YOURSELF

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Features and Benefits

USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC and imported in small batches to maintain freshness.This means that our Ceylon Cinnamon isn`t blended or diluted with other cinnamon powder.Some competing Ceylon Cinnamon products are either stale tasting or have no flavor at all as they were either imported in large quantites and have been sitting around for a while or were of a lower grade of Ceylon Cinnamon. Even if it says organic there can be quite a bit of difference in the taste due to the different grades in quality. Rest assured that our Ceylon Cinnamon is the highest grade available.Our Ceylon Cinnamon is harvested from a USDA certified farm in Sri Lanka. They follow the strictest conditions in order to comply with the USDA regulations. The Ceylon Cinnamon is NON IRRADIATED, SALT FREE, SODIUM FREE, NON GMO

Packed in a multi layered stand up pouch with an oxygen barrier. That means it is protected from sunlight, moisture and high heat to keep it fresh for a longer period of time. A high quality zip lock seal makes it so easy to open and close without the frustration of a torn bag. The stand up pouch makes it easier to store and takes up less space.Packaging is very important in keeping your cinnamon fresh which is one of the reasons that poorly packed ceylon cinnamon can get a bad rap for having no taste and smell. Our ceylon cinnamon is both flavourful and aromatic compared to many of the poorly packed ceylon cinnamon on the market.The other reason for our superiority is explained below

Both the TASTE and AROMA of Ceylon Cinnamon is different then that of Cassia Cinnamon, which is the cinnamon we are used to tasting as it is 99% of the store bought cinnamon in the US.Most people absolutely love the taste and aroma of our ceylon cinnamon,which can be described as a REFINED,FRAGRANT,EXOTIC aroma with a COMPLEX,SWEET,DELICATE< MILD taste compared to the stronger taste of Cassia Cinnamon. It has a more earthly,exotic smell and taste,does not overwhelm, and the flavor is subtle in comparison with regular and commonly available commercial cinnamon, which can be described more like Red Hots candies .A small minority of people do not like the taste of Ceylon Cinnamon because they are used to the taste of Cassia Cinnamon and can't get past the fact that True Cinnamon just tastes and smells different.And for many others it is an aquired taste as people learn that Ceylon Cinnamon is the best choice for your health.DOES NOT DISSOLVE in WATER
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Hannah P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

I love this fragrant cinnamon! I put it in my coffee, smoothies, and I'm also planning to make some vegan snickerdoodles later. The price point is right, especially for an organic product and the amount. Super happy with this! :)

Organic Wise 1lb Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder Review
United States United States
I recommend this product
OUTSTANDING quality, color, grind, smell and taste - the real deal!!

I was buying this on Amazon and totally loved it. But recently it wasn't available on Amazon and I was forced to try another brand that was supposed to be just as good. It was NOT. It was very noticeably cassia, it even had bits of wood in it you could see. So I searched on line until I found the true source - Organic Wise, the very best quality, color, grind, smell, taste and so much better in foods/drinks and better for your body!!!!! Now that I've got the direct line, I don't need Amazon any more. YAY!!!!

United States United States
Only Cinnamon that we will use

This is the only cinnamon that we use and trust. We use it in everything from our morning smoothies to baking with it. Couldn't be happier with this cinnamon!