Surprising Uses for Cinnamon November 03 2015

If you ever want to evoke mental images and feelings of family holidays just break out the cinnamon. Seemingly intrinsic to Thanksgiving and Christmas, the exotic spice is sure to bring about the melancholy yearnings that we are all familiar with. Funny enough, the scent and taste of cinnamon is so strongly tied to certain seasonal holidays, that the whiff of it in even July or August arouses the recall of holidays gone-by. True cinnamon's uses can be enjoyed outside of the holiday season and its benefits goes far beyond just the health advantages with many people being big fans of using it throughout the home. Tap into the aromatherapy of cinnamon in the following ways:

  • As a quick and easy air freshener. Simply pour a few tablespoons in a small, shallow dish to freshen the surrounding air. 
  • As a scent spray for linens. Spray throw pillows and blankets with a quick spritz of cinnamon essential oil and water to help dispel unwanted odors.
  • As a healing aftershave. You'll need a jar with a screw-on top, which you'll fill with dried bay leaves, 2 cinnamon sticks, broken and a tablespoon of cloves. Add enough dark rum to soak the herbs and let steep for at least two weeks. Shake daily then strain the liquid through a coffee filter. The liquid splash delivers a sweet and spicy scent that also delivers anti-bacterial properties that heal cuts and stops mild bleeding.
  • As a repellent for moths. Combined with whole cloves and black peppercorns, cinnamon sticks help keep moths from your clothes. Simply fill fabric sachets with a mixture of such and hang the sachet in your closet.
  • As a convenient scent diffuser. A drop of cinnamon essential oil on a lightbulb will help disperse cinnamon scents throughout a room. Make sure to place the oil on the bulb when off and still cool.