What You May not Know About Cinnamon August 26 2015

Cinnamon. Just the smell alone is capable of evoking memories of Christmas and holidays past, homemade baked treats and comforting cups of tea. With its slightly spicy, completely warm tingle on the tongue, cinnamon is easily one of the more popular spices, used across the globe and favored for both its taste and its health benefits; some even refer to cinnamon as one of the world's super foods. Used for centuries in China, across the Middle East and throughout Europe, organic cinnamon has always been a prized commodity. The often recognized health-boosting benefits of including cinnamon in your daily diet include:

  • Decreased cholesterol.
  • Stabilized blood sugar levels. 
  • Reduced risk of cancer. 
  • Addition of antifungal properties.
  • Prevention of blood-clots
  • Relief of arthritis pain and inflammation
  • Natural preservation of food
  • Increased cognitive skills
  • Relief from migraines and recurring headaches
  • Decrease in symptoms of Type 2 diabetes 

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