The Danger of Grocery Store Spices August 26 2015

Flavoring your organic food with spices or seasonings that aren't certified to be the same, is akin to taking a bath in dirty water. Your good intentions are canceled out. 

Using mass produced seasonings and spices that cannot promise to be free of harmful fillers, preservatives and chemicals, ruins the effort that you put forth when choosing organic foods. That free-range chicken that you so lovingly prepared is now a toxin-ladened slab of meat. The organic roast that you're serving to your family? Unfortunately, the spices you added to the mix turned it into a entree of chemicals and poisons. Many spices and seasonings found in your local supermarket contain GMOs and are often irradiated in order to kill bacteria. Many of the hazardous chemicals banned in Europe are still allowed in these foods in the United States. 

Irradiation is a problem when it comes to spices because the process generally kills beneficial properties within the herbs. Both natural enzymes and vitamin levels are decreased during the radiation process, affecting the food's natural properties. They are less flavorful and contain less nutritional value. The cinnamon that you buy from the store shelf is less able to help you fight inflammation and the turmeric that is offered to you has much less of an ability to fight the formation of cancer cells than its organic counterpart. 

Our core belief is that food should be beneficial to the human body and that by consuming only those products that are certified as organic, we can take advantage of the myriad of health benefits that are inherent in natural food sources. Boosting your food's flavor by adding organic spices and seasonings is not only fun, adding variety and spice to your meals, but add to your diet nature's medicinal elements; helping you heal what ails you and boosting your optimal health. Shop our exclusive selection of organic cinnamon and organic turmeric and experience the Organic Wise difference.